Fusion Days

School and workshop about fusion

25 – 29 September
Belgrade, Serbia


at the small auditorium, Kolarac



08:30-09:00 Welcome addressing

09:00-10:10 Introduction to fusion Prof. Jean-Marie Noterdaeme

10:20-11:30 Plasma physics basics Prof. Jozef Ongena

11:30-12:40 How to Reach 100 million Degrees Prof. Jean-Marie Noterdaeme

14:50-16:00 Diagnostics




09:00-10:10 Tokamaks Prof. Víctor Tribaldos 

10:20-11:30 Stellarators  Prof. Víctor Tribaldos

11:30-12:40 Case study: Alternative concepts for fusion
14:50-16:00 Designing a fusion reactor




09:00-10:10 Plasma vs the Wall Prof. Guido Van Oost

10:20-11:30 Materials for fusion 1.2 Dr. Gerald Pintsuk

11:30-12:40 Materials for fusion 2.2 Dr. Gerald Pintsuk

14:50-16:00 The Way to Fusion Power – ITER and Beyond
Prof. Guido Van Oost


Studentski trg 5, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, Beograd, Serbia


 Lectures are free and open to everyone interested in learning about fusion

Lectures are designed and mainly intended for the undergraduate science and engineering students

All lectures are in English language.

Credits IPP, Prague




on the GOLEM tokamak

by great scientists and professors from leading European institutions


from 1. – 31. August

only for the experimental part


o radionici predavanja Eksperimenti Prijava

Some call it “the Holy Grail of energy,” skeptics are making jokes that it “will always be another 50 years away” – nuclear fusion is indeed the ultimate energy source, essential for the future of the modern civilisation  but it is also one of the biggest challenges for scientists and engineers around the world.

During this five-day event, students of sciences and engineering will learn from the noted European specialists about science and technology that has been developed in the last few decades in order to achieve fusion on Earth. In addition, they will experience, for one day, what it looks like to work as an experimental physicists on existing fusion experiments.

About the Fusion Days

Tokamak GOLEM – one of the smallest and oldest tokamaks – is intended primarily for education and training of students at the Czech Technical University in Prague. It is also known for being the smallest tokamak in the world with the largest control room – this tokamak can be controlled remotely via the Internet.  


10:00-10:30 Hi! I’m GOLEM
Lets Run a Tokamak 1/2
14:30-17:30 Lets Run a Tokamak 2/2
13:00-17:00  Dive into the Data



01.08 – 31.08.

The experimental part of the Fusion Days is limited to 25 students

To apply fill in the form 

We will select the students based on their CV and the cover letter.

The priority is given to the students from Serbia and the neighboring countries.

from our last event

Thanks to the FOM’s workshop Fusion Days@NS I got acquainted with the basics of fusion physics and techniques used in research in this field. The enthusiasm of the lecturers and the organizers encouraged me to get more information on this topic, and thanks to further contact with the FOM team I managed to find good sources of information later on. Practical work within the workshop enabled me to experience at first glance what research in this field looks like. Even as the youngest and the least experienced participant, I did not have any trouble following the lectures, especially thanks to the availability of lecturers for further clarification and the discussions that followed. Because of all of the above, I’m currently looking at fusion as something that could be a topic that I will later do in my research work. The whole workshop left a very positive impression on me, so I hope that the others interested in nuclear fusion iwill have the opportunity to participate in such workshops that FOM organizes.

Nikola Goleš

I am very satisfied with the workshop. It provided me with an opportunity to attend the lectures that were  all looking at fusion from different aspects, that I have received a wider picture of fusion (of which I knew very little about before the workshop). Lectures and the experimental part were in English, making them even more interesting and presenting a great experience.

Jelena Prodanović

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