Nuclear fusion is the process that provides our Sun and other stars with enough energy to shine for billions of years. Fusion researchers aim to harness fusion power on Earth as efficiently as possible. Many people recognize fusion as the only long term solution to solving the world’s energy crisis and drastically reduce the pollution of Earth’s atmosphere.

FEN is the initiative of 5 Ph.D. students, working on fusion-related projects, from Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. Our mission is to promote fusion science and engineering in Serbia and other Western Balkan countries through a series of workshops, schools, and science camps.


A day without fusion is like a day without sunshine

About FEN

Nuclear fusion is not a new concept for scientist and engineers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. During the 1980s there was an initiative for Yugoslavia to join European fusion community. Meanwhile  science and technology in these countries had suffered an economic crisis that almost erased their presence in the international fusion research. As a consequence, science and technology students rarely have an opportunity to learn about fusion and the general public is almost completely uninformed.

After our first workshop about fusion and tokamak physics we have stayed in contact with over 20 participants via our long-distance mentorship program. Our aim is to establish a strong and extensive network of young scientists and engineers in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro that not only show an interest for fusion science but whose  knowledge about it is matching the knowledge of students from other European countries.

FEN/blog is our news feed.
However, majority of articles will be about fusion science and engineering. Here we will try to bring the ideas and achievements to the broader audience the best possible way.
Our readers will learn about the reactor designs, various diagnostics methods, plasma physics phenomena and many other things. The authors of the posts will be the members of the FEN/team, but also some of the students who have attended our workshops and are now members of our other project FEN/junior.

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